Finntoast - Healthy and Tasteful

In 1950's rye bread became an important part of Fazer's bakery operations. Since then we've invented unique recipes and bread shapes influenced by nature.

Revolutionary small, round and conveniently pre-sliced rye bread was launched in Finland in late 1970's. Early 2000 our localized rye bread, packed in a modified atmosphere packaging and called as Finnbrot (Finntoast), started to conquer the most challenging German market, creating a brand new bread category into German bread shelves.

Fazer rye bread is healthy delicacy and we bake ours in a traditional way using sourdough. Our rye bread is whole grain, rich in fibre, suitable for vegetarians, contains no preservatives and is naturally GMO-free. Different recipes are available, also organic, to satisfy the taste buds locally. We use modified atmosphere packaging technology in order to reach long shelf-life without preservatives.

Our beloved organic Finntoast continues to grow in popularity around the world. The package consist of two tear apart and easy to open sides each containing 2 breads or 4 slices. Finntoast bread is conveniently pre-sliced and it's round shape is designed to fit one's mouth. Bread is always fresh and tastes best when toasted. Please read more here.