Bake-off and Frozen

Our bake-off and frozen portfolio consist of typical Finnish rye breads, savoury and sweet coffee breads. Rye bread comes in all possible forms and shapes. Round  and pre-sliced Vagabond –breads are quickly thawn for healthy hamburgers or served as a typical open face sandwich together with a lunch salad, whereas the buttered slice of  warm and freshly baked rye loaf goes hand in hand with a home made salmon soup.

Our savoury selection enhances bakery traditions in eastern Finland at it´s best. Original rice, carrot and potato filled Karelian Pasties belong to the Finnish food dna like no other pasty.  No matter what filling warmed Karelian Pasties taste traditionally best with egg-butter and small rice pasties make wonderful cocktail bites for any party.

And what it comes to pastry there´s no getting away from Pulla with or without cinnamon, small or large, rolls or whirls.