Our bake-off and frozen portfolio consist of typical Finnish rye breads, savoury and sweet coffee breads. Rye bread comes in all possible forms and shapes. Round and pre-sliced Vagabond –breads are quickly thawn for healthy hamburgers or served as a typical open face sandwich together with a lunch salad, whereas the buttered slice of warm and freshly baked rye loaf goes hand in hand with a home made salmon soup. Our savoury selection enhances bakery traditions in eastern Finland at it´s best. Original rice, carrot and potato filled Karelian Pasties belong to the Finnish food dna like no other pasty. No matter what filling warmed Karelian Pasties taste traditionally best with egg-butter and small rice pasties make wonderful cocktail bites for any party. And what it comes to pastry there´s no getting away from Pulla with or without cinnamon, small or large, rolls or whirls.

Arctic thin bread is a Swedish version of flatbread which has been baked generation after another in northern part of Sweden. Tunnbröd as we call it in Swedish, is typically soft, easy to fold and roll and it does not crumble. Originally thin bread was baked with barley flour, today mainly wheat and rye flours are used. Serve as a sandwich or as hors d'oeuvres with fillings and toppings of your choice.

Consumers are looking for tasteful and different, a bit more contemporary choices for traditional white sandwich bread. We are bringing something new to that table.

Key selling points:

  • wonderful taste
  • soft – easy to eat and make
  • makes versatile snacks and meals for every occasion
  • frozen – long shelf-life and always fresh – economical and no  waste
  • recipes and packages may be customed to comply with specific industrial needs

We bake our thin bread in state of the art - Swedish bakeries in accordance with BRC. In addition to safety, corporate responsibility issues are part of the daily work at Fazer.