Arctic thin bread is a Swedish version of flatbread which has been baked generation after another in northern part of Sweden. Tunnbröd as we call it in Swedish, is typically soft, easy to fold and roll and it does not crumble. Serve as a sandwich or as hors d'oeuvres with fillings and toppings of your choice.

Originally thin bread was baked with barley flour, today mainly wheat, oat and rye flours are used. Arctic thin breads and wraps are designed with the customer in mind: We bake customised shapes, sizes and recipes, so if you have got something in mind we can probably bake it. We can also fine-tune our product features to maximize logistical efficiency.

Our flat breads and wraps are flash frozen right after baking. This makes them very convenient especially for Horeca as this way they are always fresh, have a long shelf life and zero waste.