It takes generations of experience, the best technology and a genuine love for good food to make innovative organic and healthy breads that attract consumers year after year. And it also takes something that can only be found here at the top of the world – hearty and healthy rye.

Fazer Finntoast ® Rye is organic sourdough bread from North. It’s rich in fibre, suitable for vegetarians, preservative-free and naturally GMO-free. And if that’s not enough to fall for this little kernel, it also tastes as good as it is. Our organic Finntoast is pre-sliced and the round shape makes it ideal for sandwiches and burgers. Packed in easy to open and tear apart modified atmosphere package: both sides containing 2 rye thins or 4 slices.


Fazer Veggie Bread is a new kind of bread: the secret of its taste lies in sourdough and share vegetables. More than one third of the flour is replaced with root vegetables and beans, being equivalent to 35 – 38%. It´s vegan, rich in fibre, contains no additives and is naturally GMO-free. Its available in modified atmosphere package or as frozen. Currently two different taste variations available: Red beet & Carrot and Parsnip & Carrot.