It takes generations of experience, the best technology and a genuine love for good food to make each and every piece of Fazer rye bread. And it also takes something that can only be found here at the top of the world – hearty and healthy rye.

Rye is a natural source of nutrients, fibre and antioxidants. That means rye promotes heart and digestive health and has the lowest glycemic index of any type of bread. And if that´s not reason enough to fall for this little kernel, it also tastes as good as it is. It’s a gift from nature that we have been enjoying since the beginning of time. All our wheat, rye and oat grain products are milled at our own mills in Lahti. Over the years Fazer has developed state of the art manufacturing technologies enabling tasteful and healthy rye bread assortment, with long shelf-life and without preservatives.

Consumers are looking for tasteful, healthy and safe bread choices. As for an every day breakfast treat, healthy snack or delicacy on the go – we are bringing something new to the table.